Droid Eater

This first release from Concrete Collage is the fruit of a collaboration between the heads of the label, Olivier Elfezzani and Julien Guillot. More know as Ohmwerk and Stazma, they both have created acid oriented side projects called respectively Acydroid and Repeat Eater; Droid Eater is the combination of those two.

Droid Eater – Bipolar Outflow LP

The album “Bipolar Outflow” is made of jam sessions at Julien Guillot studio in Lyon, using only hardware machines¹ such as samplers, sequencers, modular and fixed synths and fx pedals. Only a very few edits has been made on those recording as we wanted to deliver something very raw that felt like a liveset from home.

New stuff is coming :

¹ Non-exhaustive list of hardware machines used by Droid Eater for Bipolar Outflow LP :

  • Elektron – Octatrack
  • Elektron – Analog Four
  • Abstrakt Instruments – Avalon Bassline Synthesizer
  • Korg – Volca FM
  • E-Licktronic – Yocto
  • Moog – Sub Phatty
  • Eventide – Time Factor
  • Eventide – Space
  • Strymon – Blue Sky
  • Xoxbox
  • Clavia – Nord Modular G2 Engine
  • Modular Synths with modules from Verbos Electronics, Make Noise and more…