Woodpecking Mantis

We recently received a alien transmition from space. It emanated from a giant being called the Woodpecking Mantis. Here is what he said, as well as a musical transcription of it : 

“The wire is plugged in the dreads-port among the abundant long dark hairs and an interface pops out in front of smeary eyes. 
The data stream is flowing for a brain massage and other biotechs calibrations of the team, but corruption of the packets occurs, causing malfunctions in the augmentations. 
The redirections of neurostim would be the only way to avoid the takeover on the customized bodies. 
Inevitably, the mouth opens and bursts of spectral artifacts tones alerts the others that it’s too late. 
Actions already has no effects on the last step. 

“Sound archeology of digital ghosts for the virtual resistance” 
― Brainlores