We discovered Peter Furlan aka NIKE_VOMITA on Soundcloud when we launched Concrete Collage. I was intriged by his “collagesque” covers and instantly liked the way he was mixing very cold electronic sounds with more funky elements. 

The PHANTOM EP is a new step in the Adipem_Fex_Series project, which consist of several releases spanned accross multiple labels, such as Xephem, ELM Collective and now Concrete Collage 

This fourth offering is a labyrinth of high pitched noises and whistles, crushing beats and glassy pads. 

You are inside the matrix here. 1s and 0s, 0s and 1s … 
Yet some lights remains in the abyss, light melodies are floating in the fog, funky bass lines emerges from its cold corridors, some human voices can be heard … 
But the machines are waiting,in the shadows, ready to strike.