We go full hard and weird for this new Concrete Collage release!Pleased to be welcoming Zeuge to our little family. 

Coming from Belarus, living in Munich for a few years already, he has been an active member of the European Breakcore scene, releasing quite a few Eps on labels such as Abstrakt Reflections, Peace Off and Bankizz. 

His style is very brutal, spasmodic and abstract at the same time, mixing elements of IDM, glitch and Gabber, all broken and mashed to an extreme level. Remnants of Acid and Jungle can also be heard, making this surprising cut and paste madness “party-friendly” as well! 

This album is punctuated with short experiments recorded on modular synthesizers, called “Logfiles,” ranging from Industrial Noise to weird Trap, giving some breath in between the moments of violence from the main tracks. 

With a collaboration from the Belgian producer M.E.R.S, a remix by fxbip as well as a track from Stazma The Junglechrist remixed by Zeuge; it is also a crew effort we present to you. 

Enjoy this travel to the dark corners of your phone’s mind !