Golden Fangs

Golden Fangs = Julien Guillot (Stazma The Junglechrist) + Olivier Timoteo (Picore, Von Magnet and Owun). 

golden fangs
The highly anticipated union that is Golden Fangs is the brain-child of two long time friends and musicians Julien Guillot (Stazma The Junglechrist) and Olivier Timoteo (Picore, Von Magnet and Owun). 

Writing the music together between the city of Lyon and the small countryside village of Champtercier in the French South Alps has yielded fun results, adopting an almost automatic approach to output – in which ideas are rarely discarded resulting in a unique and diverse output, as well as an impressive amount of music from the very start. 

Mixing together select sounds from industrial, hip-hop, trip-hop and noise rock influences, Golden Fangs is an introspective journey, conjuring visions of long traversed winter mountain wildernesses. 

This first offering has been released as a free download to showcase the project and the band encourage you to share alike. 

We recommend to play those three tracks VERY loud !
Golden Fangs – Golden Fangs EP
Written and produced by Julien Guillot and Olivier Timoteo 
Guitar & Bass Guitar by Olivier Timoteo. 
Electronic, samples, recording, mixing and mastering by Julien Guillot.
Artwork by Throne 
Instagram: @throne_illustrations 
Facebook: /throneillustrations