Stazma The Junglechrist – Shapeshifter LP | First vinyl from Concrete Collage Records via Crowdfunding

First vinyl from Concrete Collage Records !

We, the music label Concrete Collage Records, and the association ADN, would love to create our first vinyl !
To do this, we’re asking for your help.

After a little more than one year since the beginning of this adventure, we’ve chosen to press the first LP from one of the label’s mangers, Julien Guillot aka Stazma The Junglechrist.

In this first album in more than 10 years of carreer, Stazma offers both a synthesis of his past work, and a research for new experimental horizons.

We’re also offering T-Shirts designed by Teddy Ros, the same artist who drew the album cover.

Once this first disc is funded, we will be able to re-inject money into the label in order to produce our other artists’ projects.

Vytear – Kingtrips EP2 [Occult Research]

Do you want the latest Vytear’s vynil ?

Hey Everyone !

At Concrete Collage, we really love Vytear and those of you following the excellent Occult Research label like us, who live in Europe, may have noticed that the price of transport is very high. After discussing with Erik the label, we decided to offer to make a group purchase to reduce shipping costs.

 “International buyers — I am very sorry about the expensive international shipping rates. The prices are set by the United States Postal Service and are completely out of my control. I am actively looking for a solution to this including European distribution services.” – Erik from Occult Research

Ordering discs in fours costs $ 9.25 per item instead of $ 22. Let us know if you are interested so that we can proceed as soon as possible!

Enjoy and spread the word ! 

Vytear – Kingtrips EP2
Occult Research