[Stazma: Shapeshifter LP Fundraiser] Oh great news ! We have exceeded 30% ! Thanks a lot everyone !

Hi Everyone !

Our crowdfunding campaign  to press the debut full length album from Stazma onto vinyl has started last Tuesday. We reached 30% of the goal in only a few days thanks to you and we’re really flattered.

So, thank you very much for all your kind words, your support and contributions.
51 days and 70% remain for this to be a reality.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to spread the word, love and share  😉

A link to share or contribute : bit.ly/ccwax01

New things coming soon on Concrete Collage Records, we promise you great discoveries and the satisfaction of having supported artists whose unique vision can never be sufficiently highlighted.

All the best !



Stazma The Junglechrist – Shapeshifter LP | First vinyl from Concrete Collage Records via Crowdfunding

First vinyl from Concrete Collage Records !


We, the music label Concrete Collage Records, and the association ADN, would love to create our first vinyl !
To do this, we’re asking for your help.

After a little more than one year since the beginning of this adventure, we’ve chosen to press the first LP from one of the label’s mangers, Julien Guillot aka Stazma The Junglechrist.


In this first album in more than 10 years of carreer, Stazma offers both a synthesis of his past work, and a research for new experimental horizons.

We’re also offering T-Shirts designed by Teddy Ros, the same artist who drew the album cover.

Once this first disc is funded, we will be able to re-inject money into the label in order to produce our other artists’ projects.


Repeat Eater @ Weird Party [Clermont Ferrand, FR]

Repeat Eater représentera Concrete Collage Records à Clermont Ferrand ce samedi 28 septembre lors de la soirée Weird Party.

Cette soirée sera composée de 4 lives dont un de notre amie Tryphème [Cpu Records].

Le concept du projet Repeat Eater est d’apporter à l’auditeur une expérience sonore organique et vivante. En utilisant uniquement du matériel analogique; du synthétiseur modulaire à la boite à rythme, Julien Guillot (plus connu pour ses productions Breakcore sous son alias Stazma) passe en revue ses différentes influences électroniques, de l’IDM à l’Acid et de l’Ambient à l’Electro, le tout en live dans une pure attitude punk.

Weird Party

Fxbip @ Le Catalyste

Retrouvez notre ami Fxbip sur le podcast Le Catalyste (fondé par Vince Kuzanagi) pour un mixe braindance de ses propres productions !

Certains de ces morceaux sont encore “unreleased” mais d’autres sont disponibles sur les excellents labels tels que : Virtual Urban Records (VUR), Pr0gramma, Cave Rave Recordings, Augsmatic Diaspore … et Concrete Collage bien sûr 😉